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Random Favourites

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Mix of Quotes and my thoughts ^^

"Where there's a will, there's a way."
"Do or do not. There is no try."
"Anyone who stops learning is old."
"Ask not the reason why, ask what to do and die."
"Yesterday is history. Tommorow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why it is called present."
"Wayfinding. It's seeying where you going in your mind. Knowing where you are by knowing where you've been."
"What If forests were like oceans. The deeper you go in the taller the trees get and the darker it gets. So you get really far in and its like the deep sea trees are miles tall and all the animals get bigger and bigger. "
"Love, is a distraction. Sorcery requires complete focus."
↑awesome people↑

"Theres always just this much you have to learn in certain area."
"Practice till it's easy."
"The most scary thing about art to me is that you can create everything and yet you've got just this much time."
"Imagine that the pretties animal, the best scene in movie or the smartest pretty person would be the most ugly, dumb and shitty thing on this planet. Now imagine how smart, pretty and amazing would creatures, scenes and people looks like on planet like that. Above surreal. Aww OwO."

Wowed for few moments

So the other day i went through many animal galleries of amazing people.

And now i'm scrolling through very one for 10 seconds, just keep scrolling down pretty fast, and i'm just amazed, jawdrop whole that time. I'm like "Wow! This guy has seriously beautiful shots and all those animals are so amazing! Only great stuff.."

And then i've realized. "...wait! This is My animal favourites gallery!" xD XDXD xD

And i totally enjoyed that feel that theres a guy who does only amazing stuff. Like he is something above human ^^

I See You

:icons3link: :iconzebforne:

Eye of Foxeus

:iconhybridfire529: :iconrubyastic: :iconbravewolf11: :icondobblez: :iconaj-h:

Random thoughts of Foxeus

Well, i'm little bit of fatalist, not full pledged tho, duh. I've become one around 24y.o.
So i'm wondering on my walk outthere, also as many other people they are trying to succeed in something and sacrficing all their time, friendship, family, fun, social life... if everything what i do gonna be for something. Now, i know when i'll get there it's going to be awesome, but i don't know if i'll be alive that day, if i'm gonna make it. If i'll enjoy that little time after achievieving all those skills after decade of hardwork required for smooth, fun, happy ride for rest of my lifespan.
On my walk outside to grocery for my daily ratio of food, so i can sustain my bodyweight, energy needed for work, energy needed to stay stable and healthy, and after morning exercise, i'm telling myself how shitty it would be to die right now or within this day. Not for sake of being dead, well we all going to die anyway at some point and once you are dead, you don't care, it's over and whole world and universe doesnt matter to you and defacto stops its existence with your end. But for sake of all that hassle before, what a wasted time by sketching whole morning, doing exercise, studying, trying achieve stuff and doing grocery when you are about to die within few hours.. That's it! That's the waste of time, energy and willpower. In that case i would rather spend my last day watching clouds and chilling out, accepting my fate and enjoying that feel that i was doing everything for being happy. And even tho i didnt achieved it yet, i would know i was going there anyway, dying as a man who was about to succeed and finally own this very game after 3 decades of "miserable life".
As you can see, despite being fatalist and realist, i do sustain very optimistic mood, which will come as you grow up. Accepting your faint by controlling your very life. Also, i think, it's based on observation skills, simply by observing the world around you. Especially if you are an artist, these thoughts eventually caught up with you.

Oh my.. can't wait to learn sketch so i can do comics about these random thoughts.
Also i hope i didnt f***up your mind too much. If i did, i'm not sorry, theres nothing but true behind it and you'll get there one day anyway, even tho most of people don't give too much thought to it.
If you are worshipping religion and believe in whatever, don't get offended please, for this is just my opinion and view, i would't argue with you over yours. Suit yourself.
Have a nice day! ^^



Foxeus's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Still Alive

Story&Art Weaver (Would love to one day to capture a little strong fragments of stories)

Seeking something particulary certain. Dunno what it is, but i miss it.
(And it's nothing so low like love, friendship or money nor nothing material)

Note for myself so i don't go crazy

Anatomy is hardcore + all those perspectives.
But remember, you can always return to animal portraits and landscape painting. It's nothing fancy, but with some practice you'll be just fine.
Just improve your sketch, lineart, painting and shading techniques, understand the anatomy and you are good to go.. atleast for starters °w°


To Do List/ Working on


:::To Do:::

---Request Speedsketch ---

--- Art Trades are OFF ---

---My stuff---
Studying Wolf n Human Anatomy and Anime
Preparing sketches for Speedpaint
Creating Comic - Writting stories - Sketching OCs, Ideas

:::Working On:::

--Creating a huge reference database (art'n'real)
--Daily sketch 3-6h a day--
--Basic'n'Complex Shape sketch practice--
--Animal study'n' sketch--

---Gathering inspiration/ techniques---
---Doing research on Wolves, Fox n Liz (dragon)---

-- Building up a nest. Diggin' up a den.--
--- Establishing the base ---

:::Close Future:::
-- Something every saturnday -- hmm

---"working" daily---

--- a plan ---
Request - 1 per a week (probably only till end of year 17)
Art Trade - 1 per a week (probably only till end of year 17)
Screen Study - every second day (probably just 2 per a week)
Comic - 1 Finished frame every week (not sure yet, just theory)

--- Creatures to study ---
- Eevee, Umbreon and Espeon.
- dragon, chimera, dog, turtle, lizard, tiger, snake, panther, cheetah, human, anime, manga, bird, magpie
- feather, scale, gold, gem, metal, leather, silver, copper, glass, water wave, clouds, night sky, wood

Special Ones - Admiration - Thanks for steering me

:iconsylar113: Awesome nature painter
:iconyuumei: Famous One. Fancy comic, strong stories
:iconkipine: Animal artist. Too awesome for her age
:iconheylenne: Perspective, angles, cool webcomic
:iconnanomortis: Very strong stories, very neat&stylized (simple)
:iconpicolo-kun: Famous so fast. Wut. Good for ya owo
:iconnukerooster: Phoenix creator (dogs with feathers)
:icondforrest: Epic manga/comic asia "cocky" style, sharp edges
:iconmartith: Animal Speedpainter
:iconzeurel: Pretty sick animations + voiced
:iconwingedwolf94: Animal skulls scavanger

Cook - forgot his name-
Aww gonna be a long list :3
Feels good to have all those guys in one place ^^

Achievements/ Goals

= I'm NOT updating this (its ultimately boring'n'annoying) =

Art Trade 5/100
Requests 0/100
Commisions 0/100

Deviations in 2017 365


Need To Be Frugal.

My OC 0/3

[ ] Gif animation //3m
[ ] Short Manga story //6m
[ ] Short story //6m
[ ] Short Epic story //6m
[ ] Dream story //6m
[ ] Short movie animation //1y (end of y17 graduation)

Year18 - 365 challenge. Speedpaint/sketch daily. Limit 0,5h.


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